Our 3 Main Strengths

  1. Ability to understand your situation allows us to clearly disect and handle problems when they arise.
  2. Practical Field Skills - We go beyond theory and offer a strong program to revive your location.
  3. Employee Motivation & Ability to Take Action - Our programs will foster a sense of proactive innovation in your workforce.
  4. These 3 programs, once integrated/incorporated into your business will increase your profitability.
    In our Seminar Room we regularly hold courses in business etiquette, as well as consultation and study sessions on facility management & operations. It is our pleasure to assist you with any issues regarding your business.
    Please look how Shanghai MOTTO differs from other HR solutions.

Business Content

New Facility Development Program

New Facility & staff training program

  • Planning・Development
  • Education/Training (Staff Seminars) etc.

Whether a shop, event, conference, expo, etc., we offer high quality HR development programs. From planning, training staff, to management and administration, we have what's needed to get your site ready for the opening day.

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Existing Facilities-Store Rejuvenation

Existing facility rejuvenation program

  • Programs to Revitalize your Services
  • Staff training support

Revitalizing staff is essential to invigorating your existing business. In order to do this we offer the following programs.

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Next Generation Support Project

Next generation Support Project
(CS improvement project)

  • Work-Ready Program for New Graduates and Experienced Workers.
  • Executive Rank Next Generation HR Training.

We offer comprehensive support and staff training focusing on educating personnel to improve customer service. Our programs provide an environment for staff members to become highly motivated to get the job done efficiently.

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Business Courses and Training Modules

Business Courses and Corporate Training

  • Short term Courses
  • MOTTO Service Skill Certification & Courses

It is a given that companies want to secure an excellent human resource team. Personnel that have mastered proper etiquette and communication skills are priceless. Those who follow our program can take advantage of techniques they acquired in our unique MOTTO service skills courses with confidence.

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Toppage News

August 18, 2014
July seminar article.
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July 21, 2014
July 20th Free Seminar has ended/completed.
The next short course will be held in August.
July 10, 2014
July 9th Free Seminar completed.
The next free seminar will be held July 17th.
July 9, 2014
Our website has been renewed.

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