We are your support in doing business with China.


"Business is people." Companies these days are engaged in fierce competition. When offered the same products, consumers are forced to make decisions based on level of service. Offering high quality service will give you a competitive edge over product & price wars.

We will be happy to help you reach the top of the consumer market with service quality of a global standard.

Even if there was a perfect HR manual, you won't achieve your goals if it is not properly taught. In light of the need for the instructor to fully understand the importance of management skills, and train personnel with quality communication skills, we have developed courses aimed at the leader, director, manager level to improve customer service.

Based on our extensive experience and achievements in China and Japan, we are uniquiely posed to provide the best comprehensive support for your business. Our corporate planning, personnel training courses, managment and follow-up is a comprehensive package, improving the productivity of your staff, which in turn improves the customer experience.

We look forward to doing business with you

President Hiromi Abe

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