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At Motto, the communication that accompanies our facilities support service will create a new value for your firm. We offer

  • "New Facility & staff training program"
  • "Existing facility rejuvenation program"
  • "Next generation Support Project (CS improvement project)"
  • "Business Courses and Corporate Training"

which are our pillars of service.

New facility and staff training program

New facility and staff training program

  • Planning/Management/Administration
  • Education/Training (Staff seminars) etc.

Whether a shop, event, conference, expo, etc., we offer high quality HR development programs. From site planning, training staff, to management and administration, we have what's needed to get your site ready for the opening day.

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Existing facility rejuvenation program

Reactivating Your Existing Location

  • Programs for Service Improvement
  • HR Staffing Support

Revitalizing staff is essential to invigorating your existing business.
In order to do this we offer the following programs.

Ascertaining current levels of service will allow us to clearly establish any operational challenges, and to create a basis for improving underlying service and restructure HR management training if need be.

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Next generation Support Project (CS improvement project)

Next Generation Support Project (Customer Service Improvement)

  • Work-Ready Program for New Graduates - Experienced Worker
  • Executive Rank Next Generation Training

We offer comprehensive support of HR training focused on revitalizing your firm's efforts to improve customer service and satisfaction.

We feel that existing approaches to consulting will fall inadequate in the coming years.
We provide programs which take your staff from passive attitude to being able to think on their feet. This proactive outlook will foster a rejuvenated environment where changes happen.

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Business Courses and Corporate Training

Business Courses and Corporate Training

  • Short Course
  • MOTTO Service Skills Certification & Courses

It is a given that companies want to ensure that they have an excellent human resource team. Personnel that have mastered proper etiquette and communication skills are priceless. Based on our years of experience, we have developed our unique MOTTO service skills certification courses. Following our program, participants can apply the MOTTO skills they've acquired in their respective workplaces with confidence. Don't pass up this opportunity.

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